With new atmosphere comes with benefits, and challenges. Who hasn’t had a time crunch every now and again? I certainly have, I struggle with this “issue” much more then an average person.

T’was the end of September, we had been given the task, so daunting, yet so rewardable that I couldn’t help but fall in love with the task. It was Proof of Concept, we had two weeks to complete a full song, so me and my partner Emily started our creation. We were making a song, the goal was to complete the song by making it at least 2-3 minutes in length. With our heads in the clouds we were too high to realize that our song couldn’t be completed.

Hansen and Patrician had been checking up on us to see how the song was going, we both were extremely happy with the sound of the song but, as they both’d pointed out, the song seemed a bit flat. After that feedback they suggested that we do a cover song, we could choose any of the song, we just had to get it done in time.

After a week and a half of hard work we had finished the cover, that we were fairly happy with. It was time to present.

The day me and Emily presented was clearly stressful for me and her. I had felt those butterflies trying to fly around in my stomach, and when I walked up to present I had choked up and gave a poor presentation from my half. Afterwords, I received a lot of support and it couldn’t have felt better.


Writing and Stresses

I have made great progress towards becoming a better musician. In the span of a couple of weeks me and my partner have created a cover song called “One Call Away” by Charlie puth with our own twist on it. The song was the perfect choice and it was fairly simple to recreate because the artist uses the same four chords throughout the entire song. That gave me a lot of space to add details when I’m not very focused on the complexities of the song, I get to have some fun and create strange atmospheric sounds with this song, but like a fool I didn’t check the amount of bars a verse had, so I have to go back into my software (Ableton) and fix what I messed up on. I really hate how I wasn’t being thorough enough, now that has cost me time on the project that could’ve been avoided if I had just looked at a song form. I’ll be fine though, lesson learned.

The success me and my partner will have this week will depend on when we get the studio, we both figured out our work flow is a lot better in the afternoon, in the mornings we both tend to be less patent and more critical of our work, so our success will be recoding vocals in the afternoon. The struggle we might have is picking which recordings we want in the final product of our cover. Also, it might be a struggle to finish the song and be happy with it overall, I know we’re being very critical of our work, but I want my work to be very good.