After my project conference I felt like I had a lot of work ahead of me. We had talked about how many tasks were still left for me, while also giving me feedback about how my work has been going. We also changed up my timeline completely, I had underestimated how much time it would take to create each song, luckily Hansen created a rough draft on what my timeline should actually look like, that made it a lot easier to plan out everything I was looking for.

Hansen made my timeline very reasonable and well constructed, it was exactly what I wanted. He gave me tons of time on my production, and less time on my publishing and releasing. The song should be more important then any release you could do (in my opinion). Although I’m very certain I will be able to create more then three songs, the time line will help me focus in and make these three songs really good.

Since the conference I have written a good copy of my timeline, essentially alliterating what Hansen was writing about. I have started to finish my third song and I’m well on my way to mixing.


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