Trial and Error

Propel, to me has always been about creating something from nothing. It’s all about finding your passion and controlling each aspect of the final outcome, gradually working towards the big picture, the final presentation. Most importantly though, it’s about failing. We as students are given a platform, and with this platform we are able to take our hobbies to the next level. We’re given the time, we should try to experiment and go out of our comfort zones and this year has been no exception for me. I’ve been recording myself playing drums for a week now and I’m going to be honest, it sounds awful but it gives me goals and direction for the upcoming weeks. Before I talk about my future let’s take a couple of steps back and talk about the weeks leading up to this.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past couple of weeks, I love going through trial and error during purposeful play because there’s no right or wrong because you’re failures lead you to successes. Purposeful play is by far my favourite week though. I think this week has beautifully crafted independence and learning together. Not every week is beautifully crafted though,  the first week always feels very slow. I feel like my head is swollen from the amount of information I need to absorb, which makes it hard to remember what we learned a week after the lesson. After that it’s smooth sailing once everyone’s project starts to take off.

Next week is Propel’s classic proof of concept. It’s a two week period where you have to create a mini-final presentation. Even when I did this last year I was so anxious the whole time and this year will most likely be the same. I want my project to focus on film. So, I’m going to create a a drum cover. This perfectly blends my love for music and film at the same time (plus it gives me a reason to show off). It’s purpose is to show my skill with music and film digitally and physically.

As September comes to a close I can’t help feel giddy, I’m very optimistic and I think this year will be a huge step on my path of life.