Filming is Difficult..

Proof of concept week went as stressful as expected. So, why was it so stressful? Well, let me take you down the long spiral that has been my past couple of weeks.

My original idea for my POC was creating a short metronome tutorial explaining how i prepare for a show with the metronome (or something along those lines). That idea did not resonate with me however, I didn’t feel like i could make that interesting. So, i changed that concept into a horror film. I thought that idea was hilarious, because it’s the complete opposite of a mundane tutorial.  So, with my new idea i started working.

I’m not going to lie to you, I was pretty confident with my ability to make a competent film. At first glance it looks easy. Record footage, mix some audio and bingo bango bongo you got a masterclass film!

Well, I quickly learned that it’s a lot harder than it looks (obviously). So, let me list off each difficulty I encountered during my endeavor.

The first and most frustrating problem I ran into was working the stupid camera. It constantly went out of focus and when it was focused you could see peoples shadows in some of the shots. This made me take tons of time to work around the silly issues but, i eventually prevailed and got some pretty good footage out of it.

Secondly, filming at night is very difficult. The lighting is awful, the camera looked overexposed and it looks overall amateur. Luckily for me i was making a horror film so that awful footage oddly fit.

Finally and by far the most frustrating challenge was recording the audio. Camera audio sucks, go figure and none of my microphones sound up to my standard of “good”. So, i just said “screw it” and I took out the audio and made it purely unsettling sounds. I know that sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen but it surprisingly wasn’t. Audio production is my forte and i was able to make a immersive atmosphere for the viewer

My future in Propel is actually pretty exciting for me (yes, i know what happened last time i said that). My next couple of weeks will probably look like what i just described stressful, annoying and rage inducing. I want to learn how to properly record audio and not turning away when i see a new challenge but, isn’t that what propel’s all about?

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