Lights, Camera, Action!

From a young age I’ve always had one thing going for me, determination. If a task was “too difficult” I would try my hardest to create my best interpretation of it. I hate changing my ideas because certain aspects of it are challenging but, with this semester I’m trying to learn how to compromise. I realize that I can’t make a “perfect” film but, I can record tons of footage and get better with each time I pull out that camera. That’s why I continued with the same goals as I started with, creating a competent film.

Creating the script and concepts for these films has been easy for me. I consider myself to be a creative person (especially if I have complete control over it) so being able to sit down and let my brain go wild has been by far the most entertaining part of this project. Then I got down to filming. That’s where my struggles got real, I’m very productive if I can sit down and just hammer away with a specific end in mind. With filming however, you need to physically go out and record footage.


My biggest struggle this year was getting out of my head and getting to work.   But this is Propel and the show must go on. So, I’ve had to just get over my insecurities and just record footage.

My future in propel will most likely be this struggle of wanting to film and getting crazy anxiety doing it. I want each film to show a natural progression in my film making career. I’m not going to get better however, if I’m not forcing myself to say “Lights, Camera, Action!”.



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