Legacy Artifact

As my second semester of propel comes to an end I can only feel thankful for the opportunity that I received here. I’m a person that’s genuinely hated how the school system works because it doesn’t tailor to my style of learning and this program was a breath of fresh air for my creativity. I came to Propel with the intention of making my work meaningful and educational and I’ve more than got that out of this program.  I’ve made a dramatic improvement in my career as a musician and a film maker. Improvements I couldn’t have made If I was not in this program.

My final project will look like a well-crafted music production tutorial that will showcase my improvement in film making. Highlighting what I have learned and how I improved on my failures. The result will also serve as a starting point for future producers coming into the Propel program. Now, I realize my description of the film might seem vague, but that’s intended. I wish to explain my growth as a creator further on my presentation night on Tuesday January 29th where I can go under the hood and show you what I’ve been doing.

To see a more thorough explanation of my project visit: http://www.propellrsd.com/liam-videography

Two semesters of Propel and I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of my potential as a creator. I’d like to thank everyone that believed in me and helped my move forward. This is Liam Sewell, signing off for the last time.

-Liam Sewell

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