3 weeks in

I really have enjoyed propel so far, the learning style that the class does is a better learning experience for me. We have to figure out a lot of topics on our own. For example, we just finished our introduction paragraph, where we had to choose a topic that gave the class a understanding of us. I love the options and freedom we have, because unlike 99% of all classroom learning, I enjoyed writing about whatever I wanted to.

The teachers have been understanding of everyone’s vision, which makes me feel more confident with my project, I usually feel very annoying asking people if they want to hear my music, but with propel both of the teachers make you feel like they want to hear, rather then something they have to do.

I do feel like they put too much work on us all at the same time, and it feels very stressful to get all of this work done. I usually have a hard time with managing, so it’ll be interesting to see how the next couple of months play out. Nonetheless, I am ecstatic to start my project and to learn new skills along the way.